Soheila Golestani

And Asheghaneha


45 Min









All Ages

Suitable for

Asheghaneha is paying homage to the last 70 years of Iranian national music and presents older classical works and nostalgic tasnifs interpreted through a modern musical lens offering a wide range of colour, form and texture, alongside arrangements of original music written specifically for Soheila Golestani.
Asheghaneha is an attempt to unify the past and present as we explore the connections between the music of old masters contrasted with new modern works. The pieces that we wish to present will be categorized by Dastgah in order to show the interesting contrast and similarities between old and new music which maintain similar modes.

In this program Soheila Golestani is accompanied by Ali Massoudi on percussion, James Duff on viola da gamba and Mehdi Karbasi on the piano

Saturday July 27, 2019

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