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Ritual Dance Workshop کارگاه رقص آیینی

By Aura Art Group


30 Min










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This engaging workshop for adults, led by Nana Valajam, consists of two sections and includes ritual dances from different parts of Iran.

The Aura dance group will perform a sample piece at the beginning of the workshop so participants become familiar with the routine.
Participants will first learn the harvest blessing ritual dance from the north of Iran. For the second part, depending on the dancing capabilities of the participants, the instructor will choose a dance from Torbat Jaam (the wheat blessing ritual dance) or a dance from south of Iran such as the coffee blessing ritual dance.

About Aura Art Group
Aura Art Group , specializing in various art fields including music, theatre, literature, and visual arts was founded by Nazanin (Nana) Valajam and Sadegh Panahi in 2012.
Since then, the theatre and music groups have created and staged 13 theatrical dance pieces, mostly inspired by ancient Persian mythology, all choreographed and directed by Nana Valajam.

Sunday March 15, 2020

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