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Nowruz Greeting Card Workshop


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3 - 12

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Learn how to make a Pop-up greeting card for Nowruz, by folding paper and creating your own personal design using markers and stamps, along with elements of the Haftsin spread and Nowruz.
Kids will learn about Nowruz, the Haftsin spread and the traditions of Eidi Sazi. Prior to the expansion of the printing industry in Iran, the first images and children's books that went home with students were hand-printed wooden boxes on paper and gifted during Nowruz (Eid). Hence, the tradition of Eidi Sazi.
Under the supervision of Maryam Sadighi, kids can create their own pop-up greeting cards to share with family and friends. The workshop instructor will explain the traditions of Eidi Sazi and demonstrate the pop-up greeting card technique.
Materials will be provided.

Sunday March 15, 2020

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