Visual Arts

A Few Days in Between

A Tribute to Abbas Kiarostami


60 Min






Abbas Kiarostami (22 June 1940 – 4 July 2016) was one of the most acclaimed and influential of Iran’s major filmmakers, visual artist and poet.“A Few Days in Between” is a collective art exhibition celebrating the 79th birthday of Abbas Kiarostami with 79 art pieces dedicated to the late master, by79 artists,  This is a sequence to “A Piece of Life” exhibition Curated by Parham Didehvar on the occasion of of Kiarostami’s 77th birthday with 77 pieces of artwork by 77 artists.
There have been several memorials and tributes to Kiarostami during and after his lifetime, mostly restricted to pre-defined themes such as trees, leaves, and snow. In contrast, “A Few Days in Between” emphasizes on recreation of a slice of life,drawing on artist’s unique and personal interpretation of their surroundings, as Kiarostami always advocated.
“A Few Days in Between” is that grey space called “life” between birth and death, light and darkness. Thus, all exhibited artworks are in black and white; framed in identical frames without regard to artists’ hierarchy, in a collective effort to pay tribute to a man who lived a poetic life and whose visual creations were a reflection of his life experiences. Immortalizing mundane yet glorious routines, untold but captivating stories, and breathing life into images that in all their simplicity have a lot to say or to listen to, was what set apart Kiarostami’s style.
“A Few Days in Between”, centres on the individuality and uniqueness of the artist’s vision; refuses to conform with others; is independent and yet interconnected.
The event is hosted by Arta Gallery at the Historic Distillery District as part of the Tirgan festival.

نمایشگاه چند روزی در میان در ادامه نمایشگاه یک تکه زندگی که در هفتاد و هفتمین سالگرد تولد استاد کیارستمی فقید با حضور ۷۷ عکس از ۷۷ هنرمند برپا شده بود برگزار می گردد. این نمایشگاه امسال به عنوان بخشی از جشنواره تیرگان با ۷۹ اثر از ۷۹ هنرمند به رسم پاسداشت در هفتاد و نهمین سالگرد تولد عباس کیارستمی در گالری آرتا برپا خواهد شد

Participating artists:

Aeen Shahroudi
Afshin Shahroudi
Ali Daghigh
Ali Shokri
Alireza Fani
Amirhossein Naeima
Arash Khamoushi
Arman Estepanian
Asghar Farhadi
Atousa Albouyeh
Babak Haghi
Babak Kazemi
Bahareh Mohammadian
Bahman Jalali
Behnam Sedighi
Behrouz Badrouj
Ebrahim Haghighi
Elnaz Amini
Farid Kamrannia
Farzaneh Radmehr
Firouzeh Athari
Ghasem Fathi
Hamed Khosravi
Hamid Janipour
Hasan Ghaffari
Hengameh Golestan
Hosein Nazari
Jafar Panahi
Jalal Sepehr
Jalal Shamsazarin
Jasm Ghazbanpour
Kamelia Pezeshki
Kamran Shirdel
Kaveh Golestan
Kiarang Alaei
Kouhyar Kalari
Kourosh Adim
Mahmoud Kalari
Mahmoud Kashfipour
Mahmoudreza Nourbakhsh
Majid Barzgar
Majid Saeidi
Maryam Zandi
Marzieh Khorsand
Mehdi Khandani
Mehdi Moghimnezhad
Mehdi Nazari
Mehdi Vosoghnia
Mehran Mafibordar
Mehrdad Afsari
Mehrdad Amini
Mohammad esmaeili
Mohsen Rastani
Morteza Niknahad
Mostafa Nodeh
Nazanin Mirzabeygi Fini
Nazli Abbaspour
Omid Pourazar
Parham Didehvar
Pouyan Tabatabaee
Rana Javadi
Reza Kianian
Romin Mohtasham
Rouzbeh Rouzbahani
Saber Abar
Saeed Dastouri
Saeed Goli
Saeid Rezanian
Sahar Mokhtari
Samad Ghorbanzadeh
Sasan Moayedi
Shadi Ghadirian
Shahrzad Akrami
Siva Shahbazi
Soroush Milanizadeh
Tahmineh Monzavi
Tahmineh Shahamat
Vahid Dashtiari
Zarvan Rouhbakhshan