Paniz Rafieimehr

Video Artist

Paniz Rafieimehr is an architect , animator , movie maker, and sculptor.
Born in 1994 based in Tehran , she holds a Masters of architecture and has completed a
filmmaking and directing course in the Young Filmmakers Institute in Tehran and Animation at Invers school.
She is currently an interactive books’ animator at Kherad Art House
video art Exhibitions :
Termeh Iranisches Kulturfest 2020
Botte Art Gallery, Toronto, September 2019
The Mitte Culture Center, Düsseldorf, July 2019
Wilson abbey, Chicago, June 2019, Polak historical house, Hormoz Island, April 2019
Ariana Art Gallery, Tehran, February 2019
Echomusée Gallery, 2018
Lyan Gallery, Dusseldorf, 2018.
Anomalie Art Club, Berlin, 2018

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