Tirgan Festival is bigger than ever this year, with over 160,000 attendees expected to visit our four locations across Toronto during the four days of the festival… all organized by 400+ volunteers!

At this size, we have to realize that our efforts are not just making a mark on the cultural community, but we will also be making an impact on the environment.  That is why we’ve embarked on initiatives to not only help preserve it but also actively make it better; cleaner, and greener.  We realize that environmental change is not an overnight act, it is the commitment of people, organizations, and governments to incrementally changing environmentally destructive behaviours and cultivating the habits that conserve the environment.

Our teams have committed to eliminating all paper schedules, agendas, and notes at our weekly meetings.  This year at our festival with the help of the Harbourfront Centre, we are discouraging the use of one-time plastic water bottles, and encouraging re-usable water bottles for the public, and our own volunteers.  The Harbourfront Centre has installed numerous water fountains and bottle refilling stations for people to use.  Furthermore, Tirgan will be selling re-usable water bottles for all those who want to help save the environment and keep a Tirgan souvenir.

Earlier this year, our volunteers came together to clean two Toronto parks as part of the “Clean Toronto Together” effort put together by the City of Toronto.  Altogether, over 40 volunteers collected over 7 bags full of debris and garbage that cluttered these beautiful parks.

As an organization, we’re always looking for new ways to make a better impact, both culturally and environmentally.

See you all soon at Tirgan, July 25-28th, at The Harbourfront Centre, Distillery District, St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, and the Michener Centre.
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جشنواره نوروزی تیرگان

تخفیف ویژه را زودتر خرید کنید تا تمام نشده اند!

تیرگان برای سال نو برنامه های جدیدی در نظر دارد, و مانند سال های اخیر, بعضی از آنها بلیطی هستند. برای دسترسی به لیست برنامه ها به این سایت مراجعه بفرمایید:

چگونه تخفیف بگیرید؟

  • ۱۰% تخفیف اگر بلیط ها را قبل از ۱۵فوریه ۲۰۱۹ بخرید
  • ۱۰% تخفیف اگر بیشتر از ۱۰ بلیط خرید کنید( هر بلیطی)
  • ۲۰%تخفیف اگر بیشتر از ۱۰ بلیط قبل از ۱۵فوریه ۲۰۱۹ بخرید

چگونه بلیط بخریم؟

یکی از این ۳ راه :

۱) به صورت حضوری( بدون هزینه پردازش)

شما میتوانید به صورت حضوری از Toronto Centre for the Arts Box Office بلیط خریداری کنید

5040 Yonge Street ,Toronto

سه شنبه تا شنبه ; ساعت ۶-۱ بعد از ظهر

۳۷۰۸ ۲۵۰-(۴۱۶)

۲) آنلاین

با بازدید از وب سایت می توانید بلیط ها را خریداری کنید

« توجه داشته باشید که  TicketMaster هزینه پردازش اضافه  شارژ میکند»

۳) با تلفن

شما میتوانید با تماس گرفتن با Toronto Centre for the Arts Box Office به شماره ۳۷۰۸ ۲۵۰-(۴۱۶) بلیط خریداری کنید

« توجه داشته باشید که  TicketMaster هزینه پردازش اضافه شارژ میکند»

بلیط ها را زودتر خرید کنید تا تمام نشده اند!

Written by Reza Khanahmadi

When we are caught up in our day-to-day lives, it’s hard to see gradual change.   You probably don’t notice how much Toronto has changed, and is changing, because it’s gradual… but if you leave for 5 years and come back the smallest changes in the landscape will be noticeable to you.

The same can be said of the social and cultural landscape of this city, and of the Iranian community within it.  The Iranian community now is vastly different than it was 23 years ago when my family came here.  We lived in Richmond Hill and our family knew of only a few other Iranian families in the area.  It was so rare to run into someone speaking Farsi, that if you did, you’d stop and say hello… There were no big Iranian restaurants, stores, or supermarkets. There were no Farsi signs anywhere, and Yonge and Steeles was just another intersection!

Basically, Iranians in Toronto were a small and scattered minority group, trying find each other and find out where they fit into this city and culture they’ve immigrated to.  Iranians didn’t have a big identity within the city, and I think Toronto first found out how many Iranians were really here when Iran first beat Australia to enter the 1998 World Cup, and all the Iranians poured into the streets with their flags to celebrate… but that’s a story for another time!

Fast forward to today,  the Greater Toronto Area is home to over 100,000 Iranians[1]; there are two Iranian members in Canadian Parliament, one member in the Provincial Parliament, numerous Iranian-Canadian organizations hard at work strengthening the position of our community within Canada, and other organizations, like Tirgan, dedicated to promoting and upholding the image of Iranian arts and culture.

Iranian-Canadians now have a unified community; we now have a voice, and this voice is strong!

Canadian politicians now participate in Iranian events, send public announcements to our community for Nowruz, and recognize the role of Iranian-Canadians as an integral and contributing part of the greater community.  In 2017, Toronto Mayor John Tory came to the summer Tirgan Festival, and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, and Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent video messages.

Twenty three years ago, I could not have imagined this day… a day that we would post billboards in Toronto’s busy intersections promoting Iranian Nowruz events, and I surely would not have imagined a day the city would permit us to have banners hanging from the electric poles along Yonge street in celebration of Iranian New Year… but here we are!  It brings tears to my eyes, and joy to my heart.

All this didn’t happen overnight… it is the result of persistent and gradual change in the right direction, perpetuated by all of us: the Iranians who create great businesses and contribute to the city’s economic prosperity, Iranians who seek knowledge, achieve great positions, and Iranians who relentlessly strive to improve our position and strengthen our voices in Canada.

We have come far but we’re not done yet.  I don’t know what the landscape will look like 20 years from now… but I do know this: We will build it together!


[1] number derived from 2016 StatsCan ( Survey

Tirgan is celebrating its 6th iteration in 11 years, and this year we are delighted to be able to present a bigger, more exciting festival than ever before!   We are growing up fast, and as a Tirgan volunteer, I have truly enjoyed the daily collaborations with an awesome group of people who have freely given up their time, skills and energy, to make this year, an unforgettable one for teams and visitors alike. With only 21 days to go, i know I speak on everyone’s behalf when I say we are looking forward to the July 27th Tirgan weekend!

The excitement is now palpable, in all the meetings, all the conversations and all the occasions that bring the Tirgan family together. Sometimes I make a conscious effort to step away from the conversations just to sit and watch the energy and dynamics.  There is still a great deal to do, but everyone has taken on a piece of the project, and committed to putting their energy into “making it happen”.

We look forward to seeing you all either at the Harbourfront Centre or at the Distillery District.  We have dedicated months of our lives to Tirgan, and like any expectant parent, cannot wait to share it with Our guests.  Come find us, say hi, post a selfie, #Tirgan, and most important of all, have fun. We would also welcome your feedback and suggestions – the only way we can truly gauge our success is through your feedback.  So let us know how we did, we’d love to hear from you.

Please share the event with your friends on your social media feeds, spread the word, and support this one of a kind, world recognized, Toronto-inspired festival of Iranian arts and culture.

If you liked and enjoyed Tirgan, become a Tirgan Friend. This event happens through the generous support of many organizations and individuals who, like us, believe in what Tirgan has achieved.  Your support will ensure that we can share our rich culture, our artistic expressions and yes, our delicious food, with our Canadian friends, and spark the desire to continue this legacy in our kids and future Iranian-Canadians who love all things Persian, and value their heritage. Visit and become a Tirgan Friend today.

See you in a couple of weeks, at the Harbourfront and the Distillery District.

Maryam Afshar

At every festival Tirgan honours a special guest; a note worthy Iranian, someone who has through hard work and dedication gained notoriety among his or her peers, someone we are proud to call a compatriot.

Parisa KhosraviParisa was born and raised in Tehran, Iran.  Just before the start of the Iranian Revolution in 1979 she immigrated to the United States.  In her undergrad, she studied broadcast journalism at the Columbia College in Chicago and was subsequently recruited by CNN right out of school. She worked her way up from an entry-level position to Senior Vice President in charge of all of CNN’s international news coverage and, for a period of time, she also oversaw domestic coverage. Parisa became the company’s first-ever global ambassador, which meant meeting with world leaders and officials, dealing with crises and ensuring CNN teams had access to difficult and challenging parts of the world.

Parisa attributes her success to hard work and doing what she truly believes in.  In her words “I think one’s accomplishments are most rewarding when we put in the time and pay our dues and earn each step up the ladder based on our own merit. My joy and passion in journalism was an opportunity to give a voice to the voiceless, ” she continues,  “no matter where we come from, our background provides us with unique and valuable insights and perspectives. As citizens of the world we should all be more proactive and engaged in our communities. No one can represent us better than ourselves.”

Parisa Khosravi is the founder and president of Payam Global Strategies LLC. During her 28-year tenure with the company, Parisa led international and domestic news gathering, where she was responsible for 45 bureaus and more than 100 correspondents, as well as a large behind-the-scene support staff around the world.  Khosravi is an expert on the topics of crisis management, multiculturalism, and the issues facing women in the workforce. With unrivaled commitment and passion for international news, Khosravi orchestrated CNN’s largest investment in international news-gathering in its history. Khosravi aims to direct her energy at establishing global relationships to use in order to effect positive change and advance the cause of good for humanity.

Tirgan is proud to have Parisa Khosravi as Honorary Chair of this year’s festival.


Throughout Parisa’s career she has collected many distinguished industry awards for her individual work and her collaborative and philanthropic efforts. Some of the awards include:
✓ 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from IAWF
✓ 2014 Peabody Award for CNN’s Coverage of The Kidnapped Nigerian School Girls
✓ 2014 Monte Carlo Television Awards, Best 24-hour News Program – Ukraine unrest
✓ 2014 AIB Awards, The Downing of Flight MH17
✓ 2013 Headliner Awards 1st place, CNN Coverage of Egypt Unrest
✓ 2013 Headliner Awards 2nd place, Return to Benghazi
✓ 2013 New York Festivals, Silver Medal Best Interview, Amanpour – President Rouhani of Iran
✓ 2013 Royal Television Society Award, News Channel of the Year, CNN International
✓ 2012 Peabody Award for CNN’s Coverage of Inside Syria and Homs
✓ 2012 Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Coverage – Revolution in Egypt
✓ 2012 IRE Medal for Investigative Reporting – Benghazi: US Consulate Attack
✓ 2012 Edward R. Murrow Award, CNN Reporting from Inside Syria
✓ 2012 Royal Television Society Award, News Channel of the Year, CNN International
✓ 2011 Peabody Award for CNN’s Reporting of The Arab Spring
✓ 2011 SPJ – Public Service in Television Journalism, The CNN Freedom Project
✓ 2010 Peabody Award for CNN’s Coverage of Gulf Oil Spill
✓ 2010 Golden Nymph awarded to CNN for its 24-hour news coverage of the earthquake in Haiti
✓ 2008 Ellis Island Medal of Honor recognizing Parisa as a distinguished American
✓ 2007 Edward R. Murrow Award for CNN’s coverage of the Middle East Conflict
✓ 2006 duPont Award for CNN’s Coverage of The Tsunami Disaster in South Asia
✓ 2005 Peabody Award for CNN: Hurricane Katrina
✓ 2004 Overseas Press Club for CNN’s Anatomy of a Raid
✓ 2003 CINE Award for CNN’s War in Iraq: The Road to Baghdad
✓ 2002 Overseas Press Club Award for CNN’s post 9-11 coverage
✓ 2001 Edward R. Murrow Award for CNN’s coverage of Sierra Leone
✓ 1995 duPont Award for CNN’s coverage of the Moscow uprising
✓ 1995 Overseas Press Club for CNN’s coverage of the Moscow uprising
✓ 1994 duPont Award for CNN’s coverage of Bosnia
✓ 1993 Golden CableACE Award for CNN’s coverage of the Gulf War
✓ 1993 Emmy Award for CNN’s coverage of Somalia
✓ 1993 Emmy Award for CNN’s coverage of Somalia
✓ 1993 Sigma Delta Chi Award for CNN’s coverage of Somalia
✓ 1992 Peabody Award for CNN’s coverage of attempted coup d’etat in the Soviet Union
✓ 1991 Peabody Institutional Award: CNN for its coverage of The Soviet Coup
✓ 1990 duPont Award for CNN’s Coverage of China
✓ 1990 Peabody Institutional Award: CNN for its Coverage of The Persian Gulf War
✓ 1989 Peabody Award for CNN’s Coverage of China