Tirgan Festival is bigger than ever this year, with over 160,000 attendees expected to visit our four locations across Toronto during the four days of the festival… all organized by 400+ volunteers!

At this size, we have to realize that our efforts are not just making a mark on the cultural community, but we will also be making an impact on the environment.  That is why we’ve embarked on initiatives to not only help preserve it but also actively make it better; cleaner, and greener.  We realize that environmental change is not an overnight act, it is the commitment of people, organizations, and governments to incrementally changing environmentally destructive behaviours and cultivating the habits that conserve the environment.

Our teams have committed to eliminating all paper schedules, agendas, and notes at our weekly meetings.  This year at our festival with the help of the Harbourfront Centre, we are discouraging the use of one-time plastic water bottles, and encouraging re-usable water bottles for the public, and our own volunteers.  The Harbourfront Centre has installed numerous water fountains and bottle refilling stations for people to use.  Furthermore, Tirgan will be selling re-usable water bottles for all those who want to help save the environment and keep a Tirgan souvenir.

Earlier this year, our volunteers came together to clean two Toronto parks as part of the “Clean Toronto Together” effort put together by the City of Toronto.  Altogether, over 40 volunteers collected over 7 bags full of debris and garbage that cluttered these beautiful parks.

As an organization, we’re always looking for new ways to make a better impact, both culturally and environmentally.

See you all soon at Tirgan, July 25-28th, at The Harbourfront Centre, Distillery District, St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, and the Michener Centre.
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Tirgan Festival is built upon the support of over 300+  volunteers of all ages, contributing to the diverse cultural mosaic of the Canadian society by promoting  cross-cultural dialogue and understanding between the Iranian community and the community at large.

Tirgan volunteers are at the heart of our unprecedented success and the subsequent well-deserved reputation Tirgan Festival has brought to  our community. We are always looking to expand our family and we welcome volunteers of all ages, and with various skills and interests, with open arms!

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