Share the news… Tirgan is coming!

Sunday, July 9, 2017
Tirgan is celebrating its 6th iteration in 11 years, and this year we are delighted to be able to present a bigger, more exciting festival than ever before!   We are growing up fast, and as a Tirgan volunteer, I have truly enjoyed the daily collaborations with an awesome group of people who have freely given up their time, skills and energy, to make this year, an unforgettable one for teams and visitors alike. With only 21 days to go, i know I speak on everyone’s behalf when I say we are looking forward to the July 27th Tirgan weekend!

The excitement is now palpable, in all the meetings, all the conversations and all the occasions that bring the Tirgan family together. Sometimes I make a conscious effort to step away from the conversations just to sit and watch the energy and dynamics.  There is still a great deal to do, but everyone has taken on a piece of the project, and committed to putting their energy into “making it happen”.

We look forward to seeing you all either at the Harbourfront Centre or at the Distillery District.  We have dedicated months of our lives to Tirgan, and like any expectant parent, cannot wait to share it with Our guests.  Come find us, say hi, post a selfie, #Tirgan, and most important of all, have fun. We would also welcome your feedback and suggestions – the only way we can truly gauge our success is through your feedback.  So let us know how we did, we’d love to hear from you.

Please share the event with your friends on your social media feeds, spread the word, and support this one of a kind, world recognized, Toronto-inspired festival of Iranian arts and culture.

If you liked and enjoyed Tirgan, become a Tirgan Friend. This event happens through the generous support of many organizations and individuals who, like us, believe in what Tirgan has achieved.  Your support will ensure that we can share our rich culture, our artistic expressions and yes, our delicious food, with our Canadian friends, and spark the desire to continue this legacy in our kids and future Iranian-Canadians who love all things Persian, and value their heritage. Visit and become a Tirgan Friend today.

See you in a couple of weeks, at the Harbourfront and the Distillery District.

Maryam Afshar

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