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Need to fuel up? Grab some food in between the shows. A variety of Iranian foods is served for your enjoyment.


Tea House- Red Rose

Tea, Coffee, Juice : $2.50
Cantaloupe Juice (آب طالبی), Banana and Milk Smoothie (شیر موز), Majoon (معجون)n: $7.50
Pastry (شیرینی تر)، Roulette (رولت) and Cream Puffs (نان خامه ای)k: $5.00
Zoolbia Bamiyeh (زولبیا بامیه), Baklava (باقلوا), Danish Pastry (شیرینی دانمارکی)k: $5.00
Cream filled Donut (پيراشکی کرم), Cupcakes (کیک یزدی)m: $5.00
Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory : $7.50
Ice-Cream (بستنی), Faloudeh (فالوده)m: $5.00
Nuts (آجیل), Pistachio (پسته), Almond (بادام) k: $5.00
Chips (چیپس), Cheese Sticks (پفک), Dried Fruit Rolls (لواشک)k: $2.50



Koobideh & Rice: $12.50
Chicken Kebab & Rice: $12.50
Gheimeh & Rice: $12.50
Sandwiches: $12.50
Ash: $5.00
Mirza Ghasemi: $10.00
Chips: $2.50
Bottled Dough, Red Bull, Frozen Drinks: $5.00
Soft Drinks, Pop, Juice, Glass of Dough: $2.50


Khaki Café & Restaurant

Bandari-6.50": $7.50
Bandari-12": $12.50
Olvieh-6.50": $7.50
Olvieh-12": $12.50
Kid Box (Nuggets, Chips, Juice): $10.00
Ash Dough: $5.00
Ash Reshteh: $5.00
Juice: $2.50


Sunday, March 10, 2019

10:00 AM


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