Tirgan is a nonpartisan, non-religious, nonprofit Canadian registered charitable organization committed to promoting cross-cultural dialogue between Iranian-Canadians and the global community at large, through year-round production of cultural programs including festivals.


Our signature events are Nowruz and Tirgan Festivals which coincide with two of the most important ancient Iranian /Persian celebrations in the months of March and July respectively. The two events have turned into world’s largest celebrations of Iranian art and culture and a popular  meeting point for the  very best of local and international talents presenting Iranian cultural programs. Our festivals are held in  multiple prestigious locations in Toronto, such as the Harbourfront Centre and  the Distillery Historic District  in downtown Toronto and The Toronto Centre for the Arts north of the city, with over 150,000 visitors from within Canada and around the world, 250+ artists, and 140+ performances, talks, presentations, and workshops. We are constantly expanding our events and venues to accommodate more spectacular events and welcome more visitors.

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Festival / Event NameDateProgramsArtists / GuestsLocationsVisitors
Under the Azure Dome Poster

Under the Azure Dome

July 20063080125000
Tirgan 2019 Poster

Tirgan 2019

July 2019502303160000
Tirgan 2017 Poster

Tirgan 2017

July 20171402003150000
Tirgan 2015 Poster

Tirgan 2015

August 20151001801135000
Tirgan 2013 Poster

Tirgan 2013

July 2013951501120000
Tirgan 2011 Poster

Tirgan 2011

July 201180100180000
Tirgan 2008 Poster

Tirgan 2008

July 20087080160000
Nowruz 2019 Poster

Nowruz 2019

March 20193080125000
Nowruz 2018 Poster

Nowruz 2018

March 201840100120000
Nowruz 2017 Poster

Nowruz 2017

March 20173580115000

Mohsen Namjoo Concert

February 201711

Golnar & Mahan Trio Concert

August 201811


October 201611