Arash Farhadi


Arash A. Farhadi has an M.A. from the Carleton University of Ottawa as well as an M.A. from the Tarbiat Modares University of Tehran. Arash is a Shahnameh-reciter, and an expert at Shahnameh and theatre in Iran. Arash learned acting and Naqqali (story-performing) under the mentorship of his mother Morshed Saghi Aghili and has worked as Naqqali’s tumar-writer, playwright, director, actor and Naqqal (story-performer) in many productions in Iran, Turkey, Italy, and Canada.
Farhadi’s notable accomplishments include: creating and teaching a workshop- titled “Present Like Hollywood” to increase engagement, writing and directing a Naqqali titled “300” in Iran and Italy, a response to the fictitious Hollywood film 300 (Zack Snyder) which (he felt) was an insult to the history; management of Naqqali Centre in Toronto; authoring “Techniques for Creating Engagement with the Audience in Theatre and Cinema”.
This Nowruz Festival, Arash performs as Mobarak, inspired by Iranian Traditional Comic Play (Takht-e Howzi/Siah-bazi).