String Puppet Making
Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 - 05:00 PM

North Exhibition Common Tent "H"
Harbourfront Centre

Kheymeh-shab-bazi is the Iranian traditional puppetry which is performed by using special puppets that move with two strings. “Mobarak” is the main character, loved by the kids because of his funny acts and dialogues.
In this activity children are taught how to make a string puppet like “Mobarak” with very simple materials and how to move it to play a puppet performance like a real puppeteer. During 10-minute sessions, Poliya Takmilyan, assisted by Parisa Kaymanesh will explain about Kheymeh-Shab-Bazi and Mobarak to the children then walk them through each step to use the provided materials and make a string puppet. When the puppets are made, the kids will spend a few more minutes to perform a short play in a small chamber.

All materials will be provided.