Pour-Afrigha by Shanbehzadeh Ensemble
Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 - 05:30 PM

The Distillery District

Last autumn Saeid Shanbehzadeh and Rostam Mirlashari brought the house down at the Apollo Theatre in New York and in San Francisco! Successful and creative collaboration continues between the Paris-based musician and dancing virtuoso Saeid Shanbehzadeh and Stockholm-based Baloch singer Rostam Mirlashari (known as The Prince of Balochi Music). Both are leading figures in music from their respective areas and tour all around the world. Both come from southern Iran, from Bushehr in Bushehr Province and Baluchistan, areas north and south of the Persian Gulf where there is a strong African influence as a relic of the slave trade. Their band takes us on a winding journey where exciting Afro-Iranian music meets blues and jazz. Their first album “Pour Afrigha” is being released in the spring.
The duo are sure to generate an infectious beat that gets the audience to dance and let loose in the African-influenced tunes.