Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 - 12:00 PM

East Side Stage
Harbourfront Centre

Colorful folk dances, robust battle dances, refined court dances, entrancing spiritual dances; the numerous dance styles native to Iran reflect its ancient history and social complexity. Boostan Multicultural Collective aims to celebrate the cultural diversity that has existed in Iran for centuries by facilitating a workshop where participants can watch and learn traditional Iranian dances.

BOOSTAN Multicultural Collective (BMC) is an artist-run organization; aimed at supporting GTA youth celebrate world cultures and discover community-building initiatives through fun and engaging programs. Since its formation in 2012, BMC has successfully partnered with the York Region District School Board, Toronto District School Board, Royal Ontario Museum, City of Markham, Nowruzgan and Tirgan Festival!

BOOSTAN Multicultural Collective’s program instructors are all professional artists, invested in the preservation of heritage and the formation of the ever-evolving Canadian identity. Our mission is to mentor and teach youth the importance of storytelling in all its forms. Participants in our programs uncover histories, build meaningful connections to community, and empower themselves through dance, music, language, film, paint, drama, sculpture, cuisine and more!

BOOSTAN Multicultural Collective takes pride in being an organization that is accessible and inclusive. Boostan translated from Parsi means ‘orchard’. Traditionally, orchards were the center of village life, a safe gathering space and a place for people and the environment to work in harmony. Cultivation, production, refuge, and togetherness are all BMC values.

Phone: (416) 986-8183
Social Media: @boostanarts