Mojgan Shajarian and Ensemble
Friday, 28 Jul 2017 - 08:30 PM
Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 - 05:00 PM

Fleck Dance Theatre
Harbourfront Centre

The first part of the program is in Dashti and Abu Atā mode and tune, both of which are derivatives of Shur Dastgāh (mode). Shur is often referred to as the Mother of  dastgāhs in the classical music of Iran and has a special place in the hearts of Her people. It comprises four āvāz (tunes), namely, Dashti, Abu Atā, Afshāri, and Bayāt-e tork, each of which has its own specific spirit and air. This part deals specifically with amorous and mystical themes inspired by the ghazals of classical giants like Hafez, Sa’di, and Attar as well as contemporary poets such as Shahriyar and Amirhossein Vahid.

The second part is performed in the Navā dastgāh which is one of the main modal systems of classical Iranian music whose configuration of notes is similar to the minor scale in European classical music. However, today, the dastgāh is treated as a derivative of Shur and follows its modal elements. The second part takes on social issues and makes use of contemporary poetry. Some of these poems do not follow the metric system of classical Persian poetry and, therefore, are called “New Poetry.”


Mojgan Shajarian: Vocals

Pejman Hadadi: Percussions

Hamed Afshari: Ghaychak Bass and Setar

Amir Nojan: Setar

Part One

Dashti Āvāz

  1. Dashti Prelude / Composer: Reza Mahjubi
  2. Solo Gheychak
  3. Chāhār Mezrāb / Composer: Mohammadreza Lotfi
  4. Sāz va Āvaz in Dashti / “Lovers” / Poet: Attar
  5. Tasnif / “Gazelle” / Poets: Shahriyar and Amirhossein Vahid / Composer: Hamed Afshari
  6. Sāz va Āvaz in Abu Atā “How Long?” / Poet: Sa’di
  7. Tasnif / “Secret of Life” / Poet: Hafez / Composer: Amir Nojan

Part Two

Navā Dastgāh

  1. Nava Prelude / “Farah”/ Composer: Amir Nojan
  2. Solo Setar
  3. Chāhār Mezrāb / Composer: Amir Nojan
  4. Sāz va Āvaz / “Tired Song”
  5. Tasnif / “Lost” / Poet: Shafi’i Kadkani / Composer: Hamed Afshari
  6. Sāz va Āvaz in Dashti “Alien Home” / Poet: Houshang Ebtehaj
  7. Zarbi Navā / Composer: Amir Nojan
  8. Solo Percussion
  9. Tasnif / “Hope of Freedom” / Poet: Hossein Monzavi / Composer: Mojgan Shajarian