Ceramic Painting
Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 - 01:00 PM
Sunday, 30 Jul 2017 - 11:00 AM

HarbourKids Tent
Harbourfront Centre

The history of pottery and ceramic art is embedded in Iran’s rich and valued heritage.
The ceramic painting workshop gives individuals of ages 6 and up the opportunity to experience this art by decorating and painting pieces of pre-made ceramics. In this workshop, participants are given the opportunity to express their creativity and imagination in a unique context and will be provided with guidance and required materials. The painted and decorated ceramics will also make an excellent souvenir for the participants as they complete this workshop.

-Ceramic artist, Laya Alemohammad will be assisted by Viana Vajedsamiei, Vista Vajedsamiei, Sahar Arabi and Mahsa Kochekkermanshahi.
-Viana Vajedsamiei, grade 4, likes to sing and play the piano. She is honoured to help her community.
-Vista Vajedsamiei,11, enjoys drawing, playing the piano, singing, and dancing! She is a very good writer and she adores using her skills to help other people.
-Sahar Arabi, engineer-artist, potter,graphic designer and humanitarian has had an interest in pottery since early childhood. She owns a pottery business and has contributed to many kids’ pottery and artistic workshops in Toronto. Her aim is gathering funds for victims of sexual assault in Iran. She believes she CAN reach out and make a difference in lives of voiceless women who lack support in Iranian patriotic society despite her living far away from home.
-Mahsa Kochekkermanshahi, energetic, outgoing and caring architect, is the owner and designer of two accessories business lines, one based out of Iran and the other out of Chile. She also teaches jewellery design to individuals of all ages in Toronto.