Being Born (Be Donya Amadan) Diected by Mohsen Abdolvahab
Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 - 11:00 PM

Studio Theatre
Harbourfront Centre

Curatorial Statement

Synopsis: Filmmaker Farhad (Hedayat Hashemi) is willing to upend the loving, supportive family life he has built with his partner, actress Pari (Elham Korda) and their son, Kian (Sepahrad Farzami), in order to prevent her from carrying an unplanned pregnancy to term. The intricacies of what this pregnancy implies for all parties involved are laid out in such a way that the viewer has access to an understanding of the reasons – financial, personal and religious – why Pari wishes to keep the baby while Farhad wants to terminate the pregnancy.
While Farhad struggles to do work that matters to him, Pari’s theatre group is under siege by state censors. Yet both are passionate about what they do, and their relationship is based on an egalitarian synergy of creative passion best represented early in the film, at the clinic where they initially seek to undergo an illegal termination. The black market pills turn out to be ineffective, and as Pari agonises through rehearsals and housework, the couple decide to head back to the clinic. Unexpectedly, she runs out of the clinic. She has doubts about the moral and ethical implications of an abortion, but this is a discussion Farhad isn’t willing to entertain, and as his attempts at convincing Pari to terminate the pregnancy become more and more forceful, the family heads toward an irrevocable transformation after which nothing will be like before.

Cast: Hedayat Hashemi, Elham Korda, Sepahrad Farzami, Reza Mortazavi, Behnaz Jafari, Morteza Nasim Sobhan, Roya Javidnia
Director: Mohsen Abdolvahab
Production Co: Kavir Film
Writer: Mohsen Abdolvahab
Release date: 2016