About Festival magazine

Tirgan Magazine is a publication designed specifically for this year's Yeki Bood Yeki Nabood Iranian Summer Festival. One of our main objectives is to serve as an entertaining information source that intertwines events taking place at the festival with thought-provoking articles.

Tirgan Magazine prides in presenting modern and original ideas about the Iranian culture, in addition to reaching out and relating to diverse communities worldwide.

Tirgan Magazine represents every Iranian who is proud of their heritage, and every person who would love to become engaged in Iran's rich and remarkable culture.

magazine Objectives:

  • To promote Iranian culture within Canadian society at large
  • To promote cross-cultural dialogue and understanding
  • To entertain, engage, and educate the audience culturally and artistically
  • To raise awareness of cultural identity among Iranian-Canadians across all generations
  • To educate and enrich our readers by displaying aspects of the Iranian culture in areas of cinema, theatre, literature, visual arts, and dance.


magazine Quick facts:

  • Distribution: 40,000 copies
  • Number of Pages: 68+
  • Presentation: Full Colour, Glossy
  • Size: 8.5” X 11”
  • AD Rates: Please contact us at publicity[at]onceuponatimefest[dot]ca to enquire about a complete list of AD rates.


What Advertisers Need to Know:

By placing your advertisement in Tirgan Magazine, you are associating your company's name with a one-of-a-kind publication. The simplicity, usefulness, and richness of Tirgan Magazine makes it a great information source for all festival goers.


The Yeki Bood Yeki Nabood Festival is planning on printing and distributing up to 40,000 copies of Tirgan Magazine. This publication will be presented to guests at the front doors of the festival, and will also be available at designated booths or stations. The potential to reach festival goers and their families is available to companies and organizations that reflect the objectives and virtues of the Yeki Bood Yeki Nabood Festival.

Who are our readers ?

The festival is aimed at both Iranian and non-Iranians and attracts a diverse audience composition which includes families, seniors, youth, and ethno-cultural groups. The primary target region of the festival is the Greater Toronto Area. However, over one-quarter of the festival attendants are expected to visit from other cities and abroad.

The overall exposure of Tirgan Magazine is not limited to the 40,000 copies being distributed, as pint material often finds its way into the hands of others. The average amount of people arriving together to the festival is an estimated 2.5. Considering one copy of Tirgan magazine can be shared by more than one person, the benefits you receive by participating grow exponentially.

Benefits of Advertising with Tirgan Magazine:

  • Because Tirgan Magazine is a festival publication, your company receives the one-time opportunity for 2008 to reach upwards of 90,000 readers.
  • As is the case with most content-based printed material, readers typically pass along the publication or add it to an already existing collection; thus, extending your company's presence in the lives of your valued consumers.
  • The quality of Tirgan Magazine will be second to none. Our full-colour, glossy-cover magazine adheres to the finest industry standards.
  • The cost of participating in this exciting and exclusive event comes at a fraction of the cost to similar publications in different venues.
  • With the options of either full page, half page, or quarter page advertisements, the possibility for companies and organizations of all sizes to participate is very realistic.
  • As the festival continues to grow, your participation will give you the added benefit of being involved in future festival additions.

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  Tirgan Magazine Media Kit
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any questions ?

For questions or to obtain a copy of Tirgan Magazine's Media Kit, please contact :

Name: Nima Ahmadi
E-mail: ads@tirgan.ca