Tirgan – Behind the curtain

May 25, 2017 | Blog | Maryam Afshar

There wouldn’t be a Tirgan without the unconditional commitment and tireless efforts of the 300+ volunteers who give their time, energy and expertise prior and during the 3-day festival.  Tirgan is our community’s contribution to the diverse cultural mosaic that is Canada – it is a dialogue through the arts, music, dance, film and enabled by the participation of people from all walks of life, in one venue.

volunteerThe success of the festival relies heavily on the behind the scenes preparations that start months before the actual event, through enrollment, training and assignment of people to tasks.  Teams like PR, Marketing, Outreach, Affiliates, and Programming start putting in long hours to promote the event, reach out to potential sponsors and affiliates, as well as performers and participants months before the event is even a thought in most people’s mind.  Sometime around March (Nowruz), the word is put out that TIRGAN IS BACK.

By this time, most of the volunteers have already selected their area of interest, and are getting their feet wet – in fact, apart from the Operations volunteers, everyone else is meeting at least once a week, they have been assigned roles, and are actively in full Tirgan mode – for them, the festival has already begun. Between the meetings, the emails, the phone calls and the long hours of organization and resource allocation, the Tirgan office is busier than a beehive – with 60 days to go, each person is beginning to understand the weight of the responsibility they have taken on, and feel the energy that is sewn into the fabric of all things Tirgan.

Two volunteers hard at work (Tirgan Office)

Two volunteers hard at work (Tirgan Office)

In the next post, I’ll be telling you about the different groups that work behind the scenes, what goes into making Tirgan so successful, and what goes into making the 3-day festival run smoothly.  I’ll also be talking to some of the people who have already made Tirgan a part of their daily life, and for whom, July can’t come soon enough!