Shahou Andalibi

June 18, 2017 | Blog | Reza Khanahmadi

Hello everyone.   This week we are dedicating the artistic bio to Mr. Shahou Andalibi, who will be performing in the Sounds of Persia (Majid Derakhshani and Andalib Ensemble) event at Tirgan.

This is a ticketed event which will be happening Saturday July 29th at 2:30pm and Sunday July 30th at 1pm, both events will take place ta the Harbourfront Theatre at the Harbourfront Centre.

Here is the link for tickets:

If you’re not familiar with this type of music, check out the video below:

Shahou AndalibisalemShahou Andalibisalem was born in Sanadaj, Kurdistan, Iran. He learned Kurdish music, melodies and modes from his late father Iraj Andalibi, playing the Ney from his cousin Jamshid Andalibi, singing techniques from Mohammad Reza Shajarian and improvising and group performing from Majid Derakhshani . He continued learning music and performing techniques from many great Iranian musicians like Khosrow Ziba Kerdar, Naser Abbasi and Mohammad Hadadian.

He has performed with numerous ensembles such as Mow Lana Ensemble led by Mohammad Jalil Andalibi, Tanbour Shams Ensemble led by Kei Khosrow Pournazeri, as vocalist in Andalibi Ensemble in Kurdish Music Festival in Kurdistan, Iraq, Moon and Khorshid Ensembles led by Majid Derakhshani, Ava Ensemble with Mohammad Reza Shajarian, in Ghoghaye Eshghbazan Album in Isfahan, with Shahnaz and Khorshid Ensemble led by Majid Derakhshani.

He has also performed in many national and international concerts with Khorshid Ensemble including Summit Shanghai in China, Versailles Palace concert in France, Mow Lana anniversary in France (UNESCO), in Russia and several other events in Europe with Majid Derakhshani as well as several concerts with Shahnaz Ensemble and Mohammad Reza Shajarian in Europe,  US, Canada, Australia, Lebanon and Turkey.

He has participated in production of many music albums, in group and solo, some of which are:
Fasle Baran, Asemaneh, Mojdeye Baran, Boudan va Soroudan,Mastan Salamt Mikonan,Nishteman,Sokout,Choupi,Chavoushi, Lahzeye Nab,Taranjestan ,Khial Angiz,Bidel, Rendane Mast and Morghe Khoshkhan with Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Video Album of Dubai concert in Sheikh Rashed Hall with Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Video Album of Rendane Mast and Morghe Khoshkhan with Mohammad Reza Shajarian, “Ney” Album and “Na” orchestra.