Mojgan Shajarian Ensemble – Artistic Bios

June 12, 2017 | Blog | Reza Khanahmadi

Tirgan is proud to announce that the Mojgan Shajarian Ensemble is coming to Toronto and will be performing at the festival.  Two events are scheduled for:

Friday July 28th @ 8:30pm and Saturday July 29th @ 5pm, both taking place at the Fleck Dance Centre (Harbourfront Centre).  For more information about the program and to obtain your tickets before they are sold out, click this link

Artistic Bios
Hamed AfshariHamed Afshari
Trained by Asadollah Malek, Farhad Harati, Majid Derakhshani, and Mohammad Reza Lotfi, Hamed Afshari is considered one of Iran’s finest gheychak players at the present time. A member of Shahnaz Ensemble touring with Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Majid Derakhshani since 2007 and with Khorshid Ensemble with Majid Derakhshani since 2005 is a testament to his musical talent and his impressive qualifications. He is also one of the founders of “Chargan Ensemble”, the first Persian string quartet.

Amir NojanAmir Nojan
Amir Nojan is a virtuoso setar (small unfretted Persian lute) player,  based in California for the past six years. Born in Shiraz, Iran, he studied with some of the modern masters of traditional Persian music including Dariush Tala’i, Mohammad Reza Lotfi, and Jalal Zolfanoun. 
He has performed many concerts in Iran, Europe, and America as a composer, soloist, improviser, and ensemble player. Amir Nojan has collaborated with renowned musicians such as Alim Qasimov and Shahram Nazeri at Stanford University. 
Amir founded the first professional academy for teaching Persian music and arts named “Shiraz Arts Academy” in Northern California (San Jose).

Pejman HadadiPejman Hadadi
World-renowned, Pejman Hadadi is considered one of the most innovative Iranian percussionists. He was born in Tehran, Iran on February 19, 1969. At the age of 10 he began studying Tombak, the central drum in traditional Persian music with Master Tombak player, Assadollah Hejazi for 2 years and owes the foundation of his training to this Master’s precise teaching. He continued his training for a brief time with Master Tombak player, Bahman Rajabi who exposed him to an entirely different approach of playing the instrument. Pejman tirelessly followed the various styles of famous Tombak players and was captivated by such great Masters as Hossein Tehrani, Nasser Farhangfar and Morteza Ayan who influenced him greatly through their recordings. After some time, he felt drawn to the other main percussive instrument in the tradition, namely the sacred frame drum known as the Daf.

Pejman immigrated to the US in 1989 and began his professional career in 1991. After collaborating with a few different music ensembles Oshagh and Nava, he began performing with Master musician and composer, Hossein Alizadeh in several concerts in the US which led him to pursue music with more diligence. In 1995, he joined Dastan Ensemble, the highly celebrated and “most-forward looking Persian music ensemble” (LA Weekly). Pejman has recorded countless critically acclaimed pioneering works with Dastan and continues to perform with the ensemble in some of the world’s most noted concert halls.

Mojgan ShajarianMojgan Shajarian
Mojgan Shajarian is an Iranian musician, painter, and graphic designer. Mojgan holds a BA in Music from Honar University in Iran and a BA in Painting and a MA in Graphic Design from Azad University in Iran. She has studied under distinguished Iranian musicians and performed in more than 60 concerts around the world with the acclaimed Iranian master musician (her father), Maestro Mohammad Reza Shajarian and the Shahnaz Ensemble. In addition to receiving awards and high marks for her musical talents, she paints and researches the relationship between art and music. She is also a master in Persian calligraphy. Mojgan currently lives in Southern California where she teaches Persian classical singing (Awaz) and Setar to her students.