Let’s build Tirgan together!

May 14, 2017 | Blog | Reza Khanahmadi

“I’ve been to Tirgan events, and I love what you are doing. But, I don’t have time to become a volunteer. How else can I contribute as an individual?”
We have a solution….. Tirgan Friends! A great way to contribute to Tirgan if you cannot become a sponsor or volunteer your time.

Aside from the satisfaction of knowing you’ve contributed to a non-profit organization with the sole mandate of preserving and promoting Iranian arts and culture, there are a few more perks to becoming a Tirgan Friend:

  1. Exclusive advance ticket access and discounts to select events,
  2. Your name on our Donor page, and
  3. Updates on upcoming events via our newsletter

What does your contribution mean?
Up till now we’ve had to plan each festival with the stress of having to match the year’s budget with the projected revenues from the festival. Since our spending comes before the revenues from ticket sales, we follow a spend-first-recover-later model every year. This has a few consequences: first, a year of low ticket sales could mean the end of Tirgan; second, it makes the operation shortsighted as it restricts planning for the future and limits our options for growth.

But we have bigger dreams; not to just organize an entertaining festival every two years, but to grow into an organization to promote the very concept of Iranian arts and culture within Canada. We plan to become a Toronto-wide festival, well known not only to the Iranian community but within the larger Canadian and international community. We have already taken the first steps by expanding our venue of performances to also include Toronto’s Distillery District (read more here).

Your backing ensures Tirgan’s survival and gives us consistency and a base budget of operation to embark on a growth plan. Tirgan is the legacy of this generation of Iranian-Canadians to the next generation. Tirgan will be the link that unites this generation with the next through appreciation of our rich culture.

Click the link below to pledge your support. Let’s build Tirgan together.