Ana brings Mimi to Tirgan

June 26, 2017 | Blog | Maryam Afshar


When I saw the trailer for Mimi’s Suitcase, I was immediately smitten by the story line, and I knew I wanted to find out more about Ana Bayat. So when the opportunity arose, I jumped at it.

Mimi’s suitcase is not your regular “coming of age” story – she tells the story in a performance, where she channels 27 different characters in 3 languages.  From start to finish, the story is so engaging that you forget you are watching a solo performance.  Each of the characters reminds you of someone you know, or have met, and speak directly to the immigration story most Iranians, and most immigrants for that matter, are familiar with.

“In writing this personal yet historically-influenced story, one of my goals was to pay homage to belief and hope for a world in which we can no longer make blanket statements about people’s origins without knowing their complete stories. To this end, my narrative spans 27 characters who speak in their own way using Castilian Spanish, Persian, British English and standard American English.

It is my heartfelt mission to use the art of storytelling to bring us all together in the realization that we have more in common than what sets us apart.”

Mimi’s suitcase will hit the stage on July 29th and 30th at The Brigantine Room, at the Toronto Harbourfront Centre.  I have only seen video footage, and I am looking forward to experiencing it first hand.

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